Star Wars: The Outer Rim is the game written in PHP. It's MMORPG, but not traditional, it's build around a plot that I've created. It takes place more than a thousand years Before Battle of Yavin (1100 BBY).

Try seeing the screenshots. I really think it's worth it!

Probably most of you won't believe me, but I've started this project years before I've heard about game called The Old Republic, which was huge success from what I know. Of course I was unfortunate enough that such game was released and in order to match it I'd have to work like 1000 years on my own. Still, I've never played TOR, so everything here is my own idea or it's based on ideas taken from Knights of the Old Republic.

I've initially wanted to create it as an interactive book, kind of electronic art :-) My huuge focus was the plot and interaction with NPC's. Current plot allows to play the game for about 50-100 minutes. But you know, every minute of this gameplay was several hundreds of my work-hours :-)

Unfortunately, despite my numerous efforts to find co-workers that would be willing to code with me, I couldn't find no-one adequate. As it seems, not many people are willing to work for free as I do. Yeah, I've met some people who either didn't have the skills required or who were interested in personal gain, rather than project's wellfare.

Especially for this game I've created a large, customizable database editor that's similar to the PhpMyAdmin, but it's main purpose is customization of the data presentation. Mostly to make it more human friendly.

Everything what is visible in the screenshots is actually working and there're many things like hunting wild animals or fighting, that didn't make it into the gallery.

Interesting fact:

I have used layout created for this game's purpose for my thesis system, Hog-Art it was called. That was one way of making the thesis more pleasant.