The Beginning of the End was my very first MMORPG game.

This game is based in the dangerous criminal world known from Fallout games. Its gameplay is actually pure criminal MMORPG.

Looking at this game from the time perspective I can't stop surprising myself! How creative and funny can the mind of young person be :-) It's so nice to see that I from the past can surprise myself now!

Interesting things:

- During my studies in the university I was able to sneak this project to one of the courses and realize it for official grade. Not that many weeks later I was able to successfully find a job in quite big PHP company, thanks to the experience that I got writing this game.

- This project had so many worktitles I couldn't even count them now. Or maybe I could. That's because I was afraid of naming it Fallout-Something because of potential copyright infringements. Initially game was supposed to be called Wasteland, Beginning of the End, Opad (Polish name for Fallout), but I've finally sticked to The Beginning of the End.