Game Greece is game written in Java. It's based in the Ancient Greece. I was inspired to create it by the Europa Universalis series. It's the greatest and most complex game I've ever created.

I have spent enormous amount of time on Artificial Intelligence and/or micromanagements of units e.g. trade system for caravans. They decide what is most profitable to sell and buy, including information about tolls that vary from city to city. Caravans start with some goods, then travel through the map, selling these goods. If they don't sell them, they will lose money. AI does all it can to ensure the caravans generate income.
Another nice feature is the algorithm for optimal path-finding between any two points, including sea navigation. A* algorithm is used for this purpose. It guarantees to find the optimal solution. In order to increase performance of path-finding there's a module of path-caching, which stores information about optimal land and sea paths between cities. This approach works just perfectly.

User inteface has been built using Swing and it offers decent 30FPS.
The world (units, technologies, cities, names) is created upon .xml file and the map is easily customizable. It's actually so easily done, that I've decided to create a small off-spin with the universe scenery, this can be seen here.

This game is like my own child to me. I hope that even you, dear reader, will appreciate my contribution just into the graphical side of the game. Everything was made by me and me only and I assure that my skills in this subject aren't particularly flamboyant.